Coordinated ceramic accessories –

Coordinated ceramic accessories

Discover the exclusive ceramic coordinated products, suitable for home or fine art expositions.

The Ahura ceramic coordinated collections are inviting and exclusive as they combine our stunning ceramic and porcelain pieces of art in one set.
Ahura is characterized by its unique Italian style as well as its handcrafted products that are entirely handmade and hand-decorated by our expert craftsmen. All the coordinated sets of ceramic and porcelain pieces are perfectly suited for every need of furniture, whether classic or modern with an appropriate and uniformed design to provide continuity and harmony to any style and expression.

Lamps, centerpieces, jewelry boxes, vases, glasses and frames are combined to create a harmonic mix of art and decoration aiming to stimulate your curiosity and embody your unique, prestigious, and personal style.

The different ceramic coordinated combinations provide the opportunity to select the most suitable composition that best compliments your interiors and favorite spaces. The Ahura artistic coordinated collection can be used to recreate your living atmosphere using beautiful contrasts and shades from the most delicate and harmonious to the most aggressive and extreme shapes and colors.

All the coordinated ceramic artworks have been made with the innovative material “Keramnext”, a perfect blend that combines the best properties of ceramic and porcelain. Ideal for special occasions and celebrations, intimate moments, formal situations, family gatherings or simply for everyday pleasures, the Ahura coordinated art collection will meet all your expectations.