Discover the material that mixes the best of Ceramic with the best of Porcelain.

Keramnext is a truly remarkable innovative material that fixes the issues of artistic ceramic and the issues of Porcelain. Keramnext is a worldwide patent developed by ZANARDELLO in cooperation with AHURA and PRONTI ceramics.
Artistic ceramic has several limitations, such as te impossibility to achieve high grade of details in the manufacts and a certain fragility of the material, but it also has several advantages such the possibility to make big items and to use less energy in the production process, it is also a 100% natural material though artistic porcelain has a very fine grain that allow to produce high quality details in the manufacts but it is almost impossible to make big items, it is also more resistant than usual ceramic.
The brilliant idea was to mix the best of the two worlds, working on atomic level we have achieved a much fine grain of regular ceramic and now it is very close to porcelain, but it still remains ceramic, so the products has the same quality of details of the porcelain, items can be bigger and about 30% tougher than regular ceramic.