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Discover the luxury of Italian hand made lightings.

Discover all the fantastic ceramic and porcelain Ahura pieces of art to illuminate your home.

Light is a fundamental element in peoples lives as it illuminates our imaginations and helps us create that which would seem impossible in a world of darkness. When the sun sets and no longer illuminates our favorite spots men turn to artificial light to illuminate their homes and work places. Fire, was the first discovery that allowed man to prosper and advance as it provided a source of protection as well as a sufficient source of light.

Over the past millennia and centuries humans have developed effective techniques to generate artificial light which is what has allowed for increased development. Artificial light not only aided technological developments but also human development. It brought people together thus representing a sense of friendship, pleasure, security and refuge. The lamp has become an art form that allows for freedom of expression as it can be made with various materials, colors and shades. Apart from being a piece of art it also exceeds time and fashion, infinitely providing a glow and brightness in homes, offices and all other places where light is required.

Ahura has not forgotten the importance of light and in its honor has created spectacular ceramic and porcelain productions. Ahura has made sure to include all types of lighting options such as: table lamps, suspension lighting and chandeliers, appliques and floor lamps. No matter what lighting option you choose each of these art pieces will help renew the atmosphere in a prestigious environment. These lamps will provide you with company and warmth while reading a good book or during a personal moment of reflection. In addition to providing light these lamps will also give any room their in extra personality, liveliness and color.

While the light creates a cozy atmosphere the lamps enhance the surrounding environment.
The ceramic table lamps give a room a warm and bright context. The ceramic floor lamps are an important piece of furniture that create special atmosphere in all contexts.
The ceramic appliques decorate and keep atmosphere in your personal environment alive.
The ceramic chandeliers embrace the room giving emphasizing the space as a whole.

The classic design of the lamps match perfectly with any type of style such as Baroque, Art Deco, Modern or contemporary. Made by the most skilled craftsmen of pottery and porcelain art and assembled with classic materials such as glass, crystal or metal, each lamp is unique and exclusive. Years of experience, thousands of hours of work, relentless pursuit, exclusive design and continuous updates of techniques make Ahura lamps authentic masterpieces for unique prestigious environments.