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Pottery gifts and Home accessories

for your living spaces.

Unique Ahura ceramic gifts !

-Luxury gifts for men.
-Pottery gift ideas for her.
-Objects for home furnishings.
-Objects refined art collectors.

These are just some of the products that Ahura has for you, providing an infinite kaleidoscope of handmade porcelain and ceramic artworks that are timeless products to be passed down from generation to generation.

In forty years we have developed countless shapes and models of ceramic objects, statues, animals, vases, figures, clocks, mirrors, to name a few. Gleaning from various styles and influences Ahura makes original and distinguished ceramic pieces art.

Our family has been designing and producing ceramics for almost half a century and we are very proud of all our masterworks. In this section you can see some of the ceramic products that are currently in the catalog. Please note that there are many more available in our archives that can be provided upon request.

Ahura is now a leading manufacturer of artistic ceramic and porcelain products thanks to the innovative patented material “Keramnext”. You can personalize your chosen piece of art by selecting the most preferred finishings. For example, you can choose between refined 24 carat gold, platinum and the infinite array of lusters.

Don’t forget: the products can belong to different collections, from the Classic and New Classic style, to the brand-new Fusion collection (not to be confused with the fusion cuisine), to the Contemporary style to the trendy Country style, inspired by the animal world and made of pure natural colors.Discover all our prestigious Italian ceramic artworks made ​​by the best “Made in Italy” craftsmen that labor with their hands shaping the clay with love, passion, creativity, talent and a lot of patience.

The ceramic and porcelain gifts and the home accessories represent one of the most important Ahura values, legacy. Whether you are purchasing or gifting a ceramic or porcelain object you will be creating your own legacy that can be passed down through generations and that will acquire value over time.