To furnish your home
with ceramic and porcelain objects
we created Keramnext
the secret formula
for the best handcrafted products
inspired by the unique
and unmistakable “Made in Italy” style.

Keramnext is our patent that combines the best of ceramic with the best of porcelain.
In order to get what ?

• The detailed perfection of porcelain using the 100% natural material.

• To produce artifacts that save over 50% of energy consumption compared to those who produce porcelain items,
     reducing the consumption and benefiting the environment.

• To create artworks that weigh half than those made of porcelain.

•  To produce pieces of art that are much more resistant and long-lasting than normal ceramic objects.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish high quality artisan artworks from industrial mediocre-quality mass product because the defects are not always visible to an untrained eye.
At Ahura quality is not a compromise.
The essence of our work lies in the fundamental value of high quality, resulting in artistic ceramic products that are always perfect and exclusive.
Although it may be difficult to note the difference between high and low quality products is not impossible.
We have thus created a specific guide to help you better understand the world of artistic ceramic and porcelain craftwork.

World leader in the production of “Made in Italy” ceramics since 1973.

Ahura has been the world leader of “Made in Italy” produced ceramics since 1973.
Our ceramic pieces of art come to life in the factories located in Cartigliano, the Veneto region which is very close to Venice.
All the handcrafted ceramic and porcelain products are first designed, then modeled,
produced and decorated entirely by hand by our best Italian artists and craftsmen.
The numerous ceramic artworks made by Ahura can be found in countless places such as prominent furniture expositions,
worldwide royal residences and in the most prestigious and refined collections of classy art lovers.

Thanks to unquestioned efficiency and capacity of production Ahura is one of the most important producers of custom made items.
For this reason many companies have chosen to outsource their projects to Ahura in order to realize their final products.
This creates an advantage for companies as they are able to produce high quality products with the option to personalize designs or prototypes.
Ahura actively cooperates with many important names of the worldwide design scene as well as with the furniture industry.

Our company’s strength lies in the fact that we can offer a 360° service meaning that we offer exceptional quality as well as guarantee timely deliveries.
Ahura ceramics are not only ceramic objects and accessories but legacies that are long-lasting and can be revalued and passed down through generations.

The various marketing niches permit us to create ceramic and porcelain products that are diversified by style, utility, furniture usage and potential artistic exposure.

Ahura offers five high quality product lines, characterized by different styles and collections:

• Ceramic gifts and home accessories: small and large animals, small and large vases, photo frames, chandeliers, mirrors, small and big figures, table   centerpieces, bowls, baskets with flowers or fruit, consolles, artistic clocks, tables, columns and showcases.
• Ceramic lighting: table lamps, appliques, chandeliers and floor lamps.
• Coordinated, prestigious collections of ceramic products with the same style.
• Ceramic fragrances, the newest collection of home fragrances.
• Bespoke items, custom-made ceramic and porcelain objects realized according to one’s personal taste.

     We invite you to discover the “Bespoke” section in this website.